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ProntoPegno Auction Calendar



Most pledges are renewed or redeemed by the customer at the end of the loan.

In the few cases where pledges are not renewed or redeemed, the assets are sold at our public auctions which allow anyone interested to purchase valuable items certified by our experts at competitive prices.

To allow potential buyers to make an appraisal, the items (valuables, watches and precious stones) will be available for viewing in the days running up to the auction.


AUCTION 21 JANUARY 2021 Viewing: 21/01/2021, from 8.45AM to 12.45PM
Sale: 21/01/2021, at 2.30PM
Auction Venue: Auction House of Firenze Branch - Via Maurizio Bufalini, 27 rosso
Information: tel. (+39) 055 4643260
AUCTION 18 JANUARY 2021 Viewing: 15/01/2021, from 9.30AM to 1.30PM
Sale: 18/01/2021, at 9.30AM
Auction Venue: PALAZZOLARGOAUGUSTO Largo Augusto, 1/A Milano
Information: tel. (+39) 02 802 806 00
AUCTION 27 JANUARY 2021 Viewing: 27/01/2021, from 8.45AM to 12.45PM
Sale: 27/01/2021, at 2.30PM
Auction Venue: Auction House of Napoli Branch, Via San Giacomo, 45
Information: tel. (+39) 081 006 1500
AUCTION 19 JANUARY 2021 Viewing: 19/01/2021, from 9.00AM to 12.45PM
Sale: 19/01/2021, at 2.30PM
Auction Venue: Auction House of Torino Branch, via Barbaroux, 23
Information: tel. (+39) 011 0928820